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Any club or organization is only as good as the people who are in it--
Thank you to all our hard-working SOABDC members-we depend on
YOU to help make SOABDC successful!
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If you have questions, would like a membership application mailed out to you, or want to
know more about the club, then feel free to contact us. If you prefer to speak to someone in
person, then feel free to use any of the phone numbers listed below. We will do our best to
respond to you timely. Or, you may email us at
If Facebook is more convenient, you can contact us there
Southern Ohio All Breed Dog Club and message us privately.
SOABDC Membership Information
Get Involved with Your Dog!
The cost of annual membership to the Southern Ohio All Breed Dog Club is as listed:
Individual Membership : $20.00
Family membership: $35.00
The following valuable benefits that come along with an annual membership
with SOABDC:
* Significant discount on AKC Canine Good Citizen and AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy
Evaluation (
50% off the non-member price of $10 per eval!)
* For all paying members in good standing,
all training classes offered by SOABDC are
FREE! (for a significant savings of $45 per 6-8 week set of training classes offered!)

* Involvement with a thriving all breed dog club where you decide to what levl of involvement and/or
you wish to have within our group. You may come to every meeting, activity  & training session we
have, or just attend training if you wish-we do not have any prerequisites for your participation.
Contact Info  SOABDC Club President & Training Director:
Kathi Jo Zornes (740)372-2176  * Brandon Zornes (740)961-9087
Our club email address is
SOABDC Membership & Board Meetings
Our meetings are typically held once a month on the first Tuesday of the month (2nd Tues. if the first one falls
close to a holiday, Mondays during training).  Meetings designated as
Board Meetings are only open to
Officers & Board. You may follow our website or our
Facebook page to check for our next meeting date. All
members are invited to attend Club meetings to know what SOABDC is doing. If you
miss a membership meeting, check our Home page & Facebook notifications as to what events
are coming up for SOABDC members to participate in.
Get Involved!
You may fill out membership application and either mail it to us, OR bring it to one of our
training sessions, meetings or events.
All SOABDC membership applications are voted upon before official membership is granted.
SOABDC is not currently equipped to handle dogs w/ behavioral or aggressive issues
. As a respected
dog club in our community, the Club reserves the right to deny membership for any situation
that may in any way potentially harm the reputation of or cause disruption for the Club and its
activities within the community.
We can email an application to you, but we cannot accept filled out applications via email.
Your dues should accompany your application; we accept cash and personal checks made out
to Southern Ohio All Breed Dog Club for deposit only.
Be sure to check our website or follow us on
Facebook in order to keep up on the most
currently things SOABDC has going on!
While we may have some breeders within our Club membership, SOABDC does not publically
any pet stores nor breeders selling dogs/puppies to the public. We are not a rescue
organization, but have some people we can refer you to if you need assistance with rehoming a
dog or puppy
FACT: We welcome mixed
breed as well as pure
breed dogs for participation
in Rally, Obedience, Agility,
Jr. Showmanship, 4H, & as
registered therapy dogs.
Spay/neutering is also
acceptable for these
categories but is not
FACT: We are an all breed
dog club dedicated to
bringing dog activities &
education to our community
involving dogs. We are
an animal rescue and do
not take in dogs. We DO
have members in our club
who handle humane dog
rescuing, but the club itself
does not handle such.
FACT: SOABDC now has over
80 household memberships
(many being family
memberships) and has
representations of all 7
AKC-recognized dog breed
groups within our current
FACT: Any well mannered
dog can become a
registered therapy dog.
Fancy breeding and/or
registration papers are
NOT necessary!
Set Up For our Fall Fun Match in 2011
FACT: A dog can be
successfully  trained
regardless of its age. It's
NEVER too late to start!
FACT: Typical therapy dog
visits are around an hour in
length at a facility, but our
therapy dogs put in
2 hour
shifts at our local public
FACT: There's a potential
for good & bad within any
breed of dog. Always
The Deed,
not the Breed
2018 Active Therapy Dogs
SOABDC  offers AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy  [must attend classes-evaluation is thru the class]
AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC)    AKC Urban Canine Good Citizen (CGCU*)
AKC Community Canine (CGCA*)  UKC S.P.O.T. Testing
* - Must have the CGC already on record 1st for CGCA and/or CGCU
& Therapy Dog Testing to the public.
SOABDC is extremely proud to have hard-working therapy
dog teams in our club. We have the
first AKC-titled
Therapy Dog (THD)
and first Tail Waggin' Tutoring (TWT)
titled dogs in southern Ohio!
These therapy dogs are highly praised for their community
service and have earned many titles and made lots of
community friends for their loving dedication to others.
Beck & Little Bear spearheaded the Tail Waggin' Tutoring
program in the Portsmouth Public Library system in 2011!
Beck was recognized as the first AKC Canine Partners
registered dog in the
state of Ohio to earn the AKC
Distinguished Therapy Dog THDD tile for 400+ visits.
Colonel Charles Beckwith - BECK
UKC Club: OH-0620
Not Pictured but Active:
Debra WIllis & Jazz and Regent - Jackson
Mike & Nura - Jackson
Nolan Willis and Jazz - Jackson
Bobbi and Bobby - Oak Hill
Theresa Huddle & Digit - Ironton
Greg Piguet & Loper - Wheelersburg
Our Application is Below & can be also found on our Facebook page!
To the Right:   Our Club Membership Application
Just right click it, print, complete & send it to us with
the appropriate dues!